Test Automation Framework using Python

Ryussi created a test automation framework to simplify and speed up the release process of MoSMB (SMB 3.0 server) and find regression issues during every release.

Main features of the framework

  • A highly modularized test framework with ability to test configuration using both individual and global parameters.
  • Reliability, Robustness and Regression  Test Automation
  • Perform simulated testing of MS Office Apps & Media Apps using Synthetic IO Tool
  • Ability to run tests for long duration in days, weeks and even longer.
  • Automation for Data Integrity
  • Filesystem metadata/data related Data integrity testing using MD5 checksum & other in-build methods provided by synthetic tools
  • Performance Automation which provides ability to perform, generate & extract performance parameters such as IOPS/throughput & latency & generate Excel graphs directly from these values




  • Ability to select test type and sub-set of tests to execute for a given test cycle.
  • Fully automated controller node which propagates to worker nodes.
  • Light weight controller (Docker container) to consolidate all test results at a single location.
  • Easily scalable framework which allows addition of test cases with plug-n-play architecture.

Ryussi Advantage:

At Ryussi, we’ve addressed most of the testing automation challenges by adopting the appropriate derivatives of the solutions discussed above & have successfully delivered quality testing as per the needs of our customers.

  1. Leverage the existing knowledge within the organization to support testing
  2. Creation of new test automation frameworks to suit to user requirements that perform functional regression, stress, error-Injection, limit, and data path testing.
  3. Use of Tables, Graphs & Charts to create performance charting for publishing and also knowledge of other 3rd party vendor neutral testing techniques for generating performance numbers under typical workloads.
  4. Ability to identify weakly developed feature/function and focus on specific areas to find maximum issues early during the test cycle rather than later.
  5. In order to adapt to the changing requirements of the customers & quickly come-up with test strategy to address the change.

To assist you in creating your own NAS automation framework, please contact us as sales@ryussi.com

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