MoSMB (SMB with Mojo) is Ryussi’s proprietary ANSI C SMB2/SMB3 server on Linux (and other Unix systems).

In addition to standard SMB3 features, MoSMB contains custom interfaces provided to support integration with different hardware (network cards, printers) & I/O sub-systems(client specific).

Product Features

File & Print

  • SMB3 File Server
  • SMB3 Printing
  • Named Pipes

High Performance

  • Receive Side Scaling
  • ODX Support
  • Multichannel
  • SMB Direct
  • Directory Leasing and Caching

Security & Authentication

  • Encryption Signing
  • SAD Integration (LDAP/Kerberos)


  • Cluster Support
  •  RPC
  • Witness Protocol
  •  Persistent/Durable Handles

Client Support

  • Hyper V – Live Migration
  •  SQL Server


  • SMI-S
  • Remote VSS
  •  Powershell

For more information check out the website